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According to Times of India, the great Irrfan Khan joined the cast of Jazbaa with Aishwarya and John Abraham! And again according TOIFA Aishwarya should interpret a lawyer and Irrfan a suspended cop !

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Back from Past : Unforgettable tour 2008

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Question tag!

1.You can erase one mistake from your life. What would it be and why?
certain people.
2. What’s your favorite word?

” Mort de Lol ” It’s a mix between ” MDR ” et ” Lol ” .
3. Do you consider yourself sensitive?
Yes/no. it depends
4. Favorite Animal?
Tiger! it’s my chinese astrology!
5. Do you like ice cream, if yes what flavour?
Oh yes !!!! Caramel, Raspberry and Nougat
6. Would you rather be successful and alone but get to travel your whole life but be married and in love but struggling?
7. Do you like Canada?
I do not know much about this country …
8. Are you more of a mommas kid or a poppas fav?
9. Do you like vegetables?

It’s depends
10. Which ones more nasty burps or farts?

11. Cutest person you know personality wise or physically?
Aishwarya, my best friend and my mom
I choose not to tag somebody :)
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tauba tauba ye jalwe kaise koi na bahake…”

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do u like bipasha basu? what do u think of her acting?

Yes I like Bipasha! But I is not had the opportunity to see many of these films … So I can not really passed judgment on his acting … but she’s an actress that I find beautiful and she looks very sweet.

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Meena Kumari and her cutest face, cutest expressions, cutest smile … 

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She has taller legs and longer arms = more limbs 😏

Sushmita seems to me as tall and yet I find she dance well. To cite as an example. ;)

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what is the thing that you don't like about aishwarya ?


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one of the most beautiful photo ever taken of Aishwarya ♥

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I agree about deepikas dancing, but tbf she super tall and apparently its harder to dance when you have more limbs than someone like Madhuri or Aish.

More limbs? Eh?

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Soryy sorry my princess lol <3333

No problem meriiiiii jaaan <3333

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Your fav bollywood comedy movie? And why?

I think Go Goa Gone is my fav! I laughed during the whole vision of the film, I was at the edge of crying! For an Indian movie with this subject (zombie); I was expecting something pretty special, but action scenes and zombies was good,  it was great! Kunal killed me with laughter with his obsession for smoke and girls, Saif in Russian / desi he was hilarious and also Vir Das and others … This movie is just too funny!

I also like Andaz Apna Apna because it’s a classic and Dostana!

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You find that Deepika dance well? Me no.

She dances like a broom who wash the floor.

Everyone finds she’s a super good dancer since Nagada but not me, she has absolutely no grace.

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Chupke Se Sun

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Amitabh, Aishwarya & Abhishek Celebrate Jaipur Pink Panthers Win!

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